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K-12… So let’s go back to where all great stories start…at the beginning… Who can forget when you first walked through the gates of kindergarten for the first time - anxious young students nervously clutching your proud parents’ hands? How can we not remember the first time you read, wrote or memorized your multiplication table? Can anyone forget the first test and the panic attacks that come with it, sports day, award, failure, triumph, performance or presentation? What a commencement that was…one that marked the start of wonderful things to come. We watched you grow from uncertain kindergarteners to rebellious and adventurous teenagers, only to become fine young men and women each with an assertive presence. It was the start of an intense journey of change, self-discovery and development, one where you remained steadfast, motivated and determined. The outcomes of this long journey are 14 memorable years and, of course, the Graduating Class of 2019. We hope that your future ahead continues to be characterized by compassion, objectivity and audacity…that you continue to lead by example and work hard…that your successes be many and your tribulations be few. You will always be our accomplishments, our rewards and our pride.

K-12 Barsha Boys K-12 Barsha Girls

مواكِبيّون منذ أربعةَ عشرَ عامًا
اليومَ أنتمْ صَدى البُشْرى وجُذْوَتُها
والْحُلْمُ والنّورُ والدُّنيا وما فيهــــــــــــــــــــــــــا
إنَّ المواكبَ تَزْهو في تَألُّقِكُــــــــــــــــــــــم
يا بهْجَةَ النّفسِ، يا أحْلى أمانيهــــــــــــا
فيها كبرْتُم.. شُتولُ النَّخلِ تَعْرِفُكم
أصواتُكم لم تَزَلْ في الدّارِ، تُحييهــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــا
منْها انْطَلَقْتُم إلى الدّنيا نسورَ عُلاً
الْعلمُ يدَفَعُها والْمَجــــْــــــــدُ يُذْكيهــــا

K-12 Garhoud Boys K-12 Garhoud Girls
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