Al Mawakeb School...
a special home for 14 years...

14 years ago, we entered the gates of Al Mawakeb School for the firsttime. Our innocent eyes filled with tears and our little hands nervously clutched our parents’. Today after 14 years, those same eyes are still filled with tears, but this time they are tears of bitter sweet happiness…bitter because we know that this is where we part ways…sweet because we can finally taste the fruit of our labor. And those little hands, well they now proudly carry our graduation certificates. It has been a long journey that passed so quickly. We will graduate but we will be carrying all the memories created within the warm walls of our second home, Al Mawakeb School.

K-12 Barsha Boys K-12 Barsha Girls

Another year goes by, and we find ourselves bidding our students farewell as they set forth on another journey of learning and self-discovery. With the class of 2017, an elite group of students deserve a special mention – a group that spent 14 years within their second home, Al Mawakeb. We proudly reminisce their first day of school. Their little hands gripped their parents’ as they opened the doors to the school that would later become a second abode. Every year, we saw the once anxious and frightened 4-year olds grow and prosper to become hopeful, spirited and curious young learners. They now stand tall before us, fine young men and woman, each with tremendous confidence and integrity. They leave us with the greatest of memories; a first dance or song on Mothers’ Day, triumph during a sports challenge, endless hours cramming for exams, or memorable performances during activities and shows. We are confident that their endless energy and fervour will continue to shine in any challenge that will come their way, whether big or small, academic or fun. We are proud of whom they’ve become, of how they created the highest, grandest vision possible for their lives. The next steps for you we expect will be glittering. You have the chance to follow your passion and create a successful life with all the values you learned, knowledge you attained and potential you possess. Give it everything you have no matter what the destination is.

K-12 Garhoud Boys K-12 Garhoud Girls