Al Mawakeb School...
a special home for 14 years...

To the few whom we’ve seen grow before our very eyes…Thank you for embodying our accomplishments, our rewards, and our pride! Looking back, we remember your first day as your parents escorted you into your KG classrooms, all teary-eyed and anxious. But within minutes, an overwhelming exhilaration took over, a feeling that the journey you were about to take was going to be filled with wonderful friendships, unforgettable memories, exciting revelations, and tremendous growth. You are a special group. 14 years you spent with us, and we are proud to have watched you grow. You have gone through an intense journey of change, self-discovery, and development. Together, we witnessed your evolution from hesitant and dependent kindergarteners, to rebellious and adventurous youngster, and finally to fine young men and women, each with a strong voice and presence. 14 years and the journey is still unfolding. Our goal has always been to educate you to become independent thinkers and lifelong learners. We provided you with a nurturing environment that fostered in you an attitude of strength and self-reliance. Through all of you, we have seen this dream and aspiration come to life. 14 years and so much more to look forward to for you. An inspiring journey of learning and success lies ahead. We hope that you will travel it well, armed with integrity and pride, embracing compassion and love, and always in happiness and health. It’s a brave new world out there, and we know you will make the best out of it. 14 years we watched you, and we know you will.

K-12 Barsha Boys K-12 Barsha Girls

Every year, we bid farewell to a special group of students whom we call our children and who simply call Al Mawakeb their second home. Together, we forged a 14-year relationship whereby we witnessed the transformation of sweet and innocent kindergarteners into confident adolescents who now stand tall, and worthy of praise.

From day one, they took their first steps full of promise, and from that day, we knew that they would shine and make us proud. You are about to embark on your journey of self-discovery. You will search for answers, and you will come upon some wonderful revelations.

K-12 Garhoud Boys K-12 Garhoud Girls
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