AMSI Leadership Award

This honor is bestowed upon seniors in AMSI schools. This award celebrates our students’ strife for excellence, their dedication to their school, their drive for accomplishment, their commitment to the community, and their distinguished sense of leadership. They have positively impacted our school and soon they will do the same in our world.

We stand proud knowing they left a significant mark on all those who knew them so that others may follow in their path. We look forward to watching them become outstanding forces of change in our future.

We wish them all the best…

The AMSI Leadership Award is presented to a senior who:

  1. Exhibits outstanding potential as a young leader
  2. Is a significant contributing force in the life of his/her school
  3. Exemplifies the qualities of character and leadership
  4. Shows exceptional initiative and dedication to his/her school community
  5. Is valued and respected by those with whom he/she works
  6. Gives considerably of his/her time, skills and talent to his/her school
  7. Demonstrates commitment, responsibility and enthusiasm in his/her involvement

This senior embodies the essence and spirit of his/her school’s mission and fulfills the AMSI expectation in a potential future leader.
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