Responsibility… Leadership… Tolerance… Respect… Commitment… Care…

These core values are embedded in our graduates’ aspirations, spirit, and DNA. We’ve seen them confront numerous challenges, from battling a pandemic to aiding nations in need, all of which they have met with resilience, dexterity, and optimism.

Our graduates have shared their passion for service in the school community, whether by debating focal concerns in MUN, raising awareness, researching, or supporting campaigns. They understood the importance of altruism and compassion. Their years were spent promoting and embracing universal human values, environmental and global awareness, and the pioneering spirit of charity. Those were the values they gained not only from their homes or school but from the essence of this nation and its leaders. These values make the UAE a peaceful, progressive haven for more than 200 nationalities and over 200,000 Al Mawakeb students of more than 70 nationalities.

Our graduates’ service to others has given meaning to their lives and inspired children and adults who are always moved by their attitude in any circumstance. Through its students, Al Mawakeb becomes a place where kindness prevails, and giving and service are everyday acts of humility.

To the Class of 2023, we say:
Commencement is one of our most cherished times at Al Mawakeb, when we celebrate you, our fine graduates, who are all running a marathon in one way or another. Today, you are at the finish line of one race and about to embark on another.

Stay true to the values you’ve attained. Make it your calling to transfer them to all those you meet. Fly out of this building knowing that you have left your mark and can continue to make a difference. You taught us about hard work, overcoming obstacles, achieving goals, and showing loyalty and kindness. You are more ready to face the real world because you already have.

We salute you and the extraordinary life of promise you have lived up to this moment and the new life you are entering.

As you embark on the next chapter in your lives, we hope you go where you are wanted, where your voice is heard, and where your talents are valued. Be kind and compassionate and see that there is much to gain and learn in the service of others. Be guardians of our planet and make it better, safer, and more just. Each of you has the ability and determination to be a maker of change. We are counting on you.

You are the Class of 2023, and the world is waiting to hear your voices.

Transforming lives since 1979…