Class of 2022…
What a day, what a year and what an accomplishment!


Graduation is a time for looking back and looking forward. Reflecting on your experience particularly in the last 3 years, one cannot but be in awe of all the “unprecedented” experiences you have all had. The word “unprecedented” is defined as follows:
never having happened or existed in the past.

We have heard this word constantly in the past 3 years. Some have perceived it negatively; however, looking back, one cannot but celebrate the positivity in this controversial word.

YOU are unprecedented… You have done things that no other classes have done before. No students have had this level of disruptions to their lives, but you have adjusted so boldly and positively. You were part of an event that, although not new to history, surpassed all other events preceding it… EXPO2020. You took part in this formidable initiative and other endeavors undertaken by a nation that has inspired you to never give up and to persevere in the face of any adversity. If EXPO2020 has taught us anything, it is that the impossible is possible, and your accomplishments today are no exception.

The past few years have brought so many challenges. We hope that, as you embark on the next chapter of your lives, it gives you clarity, perspective, and hope.

The future course of this world remains uncertain, but YOU can play a vital part. Think of the core values instilled in you across the years.

Leadership & Excellence:

You are going to play a key role in shaping this new world of ours. We have no doubt that you will demonstrate excellence in your endeavors.

Responsibility & Commitment:

Your experiences here especially in the last few years have shown the level of responsibility and commitment you have to whatever you do. Regardless of your college or career paths, make it part of your lives to help others and make a difference.

Tolerance and Acceptance:

There is wisdom and strength in our school community, and what makes it prosper is its members’ tolerance and acceptance. At Al Mawakeb, you have learned to respect every person and all cultures and embrace them as if they were your own. Take this gift with you as you help build and empower communities elsewhere.

Family, Care, Honesty & Respect:

This is where cooperation plays a role… You are part of a family that transcends the boundaries of our campuses. The relationships forged will be timeless, for they are based on care, respect, and honesty, all of which are catalysts that are fundamental to any thriving community. Your perseverance and success in the last few years could only have been achieved by teamwork and respect for your school. Let the love, care and support from your family, friends and mentors be your drive to put yourselves out there and take your shots, but let those shots be charged with honesty and respect.

Your voices will echo for generations to come, and you will carry that legacy that was bestowed on all of us by Al Mawakeb’s founding father, Mr. Nabil Nasr. Although he is not with us today, we know that Mr. Nasr is proud of where you stand and the legacy that you have all become an integral part of. You will fulfill his lifelong dream of creating an everlasting Mawakebi identity through the core values that are the foundations of our school. They have now become part of your Al Mawakeb DNA proving where you have been, whom you have met, what you have learned, and the lives you will touch and impact.

Nothing we will say today will quantify the depth of pride and joy we feel for what you have become. May this be a defining milestone for a long and blessed life ahead of you.

Venture forth…

You are the Class of 2022, and the world is waiting to hear your voices.

Transforming lives since 1979…